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Enterprise spirit

In - team work style, their spirit of the masters;

Development - continuous development of the company's product variety, continuous development of the company's product field, continuous development of the company's product technology;

Improve the brand level of the company on the basis of participation and development, and improve the welfare of the employees


Enterprise concept

Innovation - lack of innovative spirit, only mediocrity survival;

Competition - lightning fast, sword - like edge, tsunami power;

Market - create market, create demand, create opportunity, make value;

Management - listening, emotional communication, more friendship and more communication;

Product - the birth of the market, the production for the market, the innovation of the market and the creation of the market.

Service - sincerely move everyone and conquer every heart.

Cooperation - a number of cooperative friends, few competitors, many sincere friendship, sincere from me to start.


Enterprise goal

Standardizing order -- standardizing the responsibilities of every employee, standardizing each employee's work behavior, and standardizing the company's operation procedures, so as to achieve smooth and orderly work.

Strict and efficient - every employee is seriously responsible for their work and strict requirements, so as to improve the efficiency of work and improve the economic efficiency of the company.