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dzScope of operation
   Shantou Dongzheng packing material Co. Ltd, the introduction of industry machinery and equipment and the most advanced management mode, the company mainly produces PE hose, products are mainly used in cosmetics, food, medicine, chemical and other plastic packaging field.
Technological process
  The new clean production workshop, first-class machinery and equipment, excellent industry talents, line production, strictly enforce the management content and scientific layout of 7S, making production more fluent, efficient and accurate. The production process includes more than 10 parts: suction pipe, injection head, printing, screen printing, punching, labeling, stamping, locking, sealing and so on, which is satisfied with different customers' technological requirements for products.
High quality
The company has a large number of high-quality raw materials suppliers, to ensure product quality, improve the tangible and intangible products in the performance of safety, environmental protection, rest assured, can through a variety of quality monitoring industry; outstanding industry elite team, years of experience, strict quality control of the production function and appearance, reflects the product fine, fine.
Product system
   The packaging material Co. Ltd for hose conventional products to do a complete coverage, specifications from 13mm diameter 60mm, capacity from 4ml - 400ml, and a large number of new developments such as the oval tube, ultra flat pipe, special-shaped pipe, pipe, pump head broken teeth to take cover, from the double to five composite products layer, to maximize meet customer needs in various industries求
Corporate philosophy
The hose will be people-oriented, credibility and quality and customer win-win in the company!