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The most cattle box is how to develop

2017/08/15 14:56
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With the development of modern science and technology, more and more similar products appear, making the design of product packaging an important factor to win customers and the market. Product packaging design includes two important parts: packaging structure design and decorating design. Good product packaging design is the perfect combination of structural modeling and decorative design, and the final realization of packaging and decorating, or to rely on advanced packaging and printing technology.
    Today's rapid development of packaging and printing industry, packaging and printing of various technical aspects of many new technology printing accessories, greatly promoted the entire packaging industry's technological progress. Such as computer-aided pre-link packaging design, product bar code, no film sculpting system; India in the flexographic printing; India after the laser cutting technology and efficient multi-function automatic folder gluer appearance. In many of these new technologies, the application of computers has brought far-reaching changes to the packaging and printing industry.
    The development and application of computer technology started quite late in the packaging industry in China, which is quite different from that in developed countries. However, it is also constantly moving forward with some encouraging results. The rapid development of the socialist commodity economy and the economic benefits of the packaging enterprises pose all-round challenges. The application of computer technology in the packaging industry has become an important measure for the sustainable development of related industries.
    My company's scientific research department found that there are some CAD software packages and packaging machinery, the software used to improve China's packaging technology to promote the development of the packaging industry, can play an active role. Such as Shanghai Laser Research successfully developed a "laser cutting template system" to fill the gaps in packaging CAD / CAM technology. In particular, Huamu Packaging System developed by Zhejiang Huamu Company is the first professional packaging design system platform in China that is based on the development of China. The system integrates the design of carton structure, decorative design and color printing with perfect functions. If the system according to the structural characteristics of the packaging carton, provides a flexible and convenient cartographic design tools. As well as the most comprehensive database of box types in the country. Can carry on the structural design and drawing of the packaging paper box conveniently and quickly; The software has the good openness, can export the common data format, can combine the different application platform with various graphical images, flexible and easy to process the high-quality Packaging layout text, graphics and image information; interactively fontsize entire pages on a computer screen without tedium; and during the production phase the software can output die-cut data such as die-cut data output Form processing code, you can open the mold directly connected laser processing equipment. So that the previously printed graphic design and production systems and finishing processes through the computer connection, to improve the packaging production efficiency and manual control of the accuracy of the quality of packaging. In short, DTP, Huamu packaging system has been able to fully digital, which means that the precise control of packaging design, production and processing of all aspects of the packaging CAD technology in our country to strengthen the direction of integration.
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