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The evolution of the box

2017/08/15 14:57
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Today, in the modern sense of the packaging design and the sense of the times, is also a very prominent issue. In contrast, the packaging of goods is the first direct expression of consumer characteristics, packaging must represent their time. For example, today we still see the major commodity packaging of the Chinese Cultural Revolution packaged in solid red. This is a reflection of the times on the characteristics of the packaging of goods and the characteristics of the goods. However, the meaning of modern packaging, the discussion is broad. In the modern sense, it is determined by the people's living standards and aesthetic concepts. I think modern; is beyond our aesthetic level, do not want to accept new things, modern is not welcome. Fortunately, however, there is now a sense of innovation that has long been entrenched in the United States. Nothing can be developed People are already aware of innovation. Therefore, we must accept new things and accept new ideas. So, now some very advanced design has been gradually accepted. However, we can not accept new things at the same time, forget the traditional elements.
    First, the history of the box
    Packaging refers to the transport, storage and sale process, that is, to protect the goods and identify the more convenient use of sales, is the specific container of goods, materials and auxiliary objects are not to damage the general term of goods. As early as the middle of the eighteenth century, the package of medium and high-end items was also formed. Is the purpose of the box at that time, is the most original use, in order to protect the safety of objects in transit. Therefore, the earliest goods of the box, just a simple box for the safety of the object. The early nineteenth century, the commodity into the unprecedented prosperity of the wholesale and retail market methods. At this time there are some low-cost retailers began to unincorporated in the packaging of goods! Producers of traders' behavior quickly lose market share. As a result, manufacturers are aware of cheap goods and also need packaging to ensure product quality. At that time people had a certain understanding of the box. But the purpose of the box is to protect the goods, that is, the first function of the package. The appearance of a single package, follow the same model.
    Second, packaging materials
    Packaging materials, now also very rich, paper, leather, plastic, metal, glass, wood, ceramics, wild rattan, the emergence of natural fibers, composite materials such as packaging materials, adhesives, coatings, printing materials and other supporting materials.
    Paper packaging - in our lives is very common, because it is easy to deformation, light weight, strong expansion. Therefore, widely used. However, today's paper packaging to promote environmental protection is clearly not to be promoted!
    Plastic packaging - Resin as the main ingredient, high temperature setting. Although it is a modern new type of packaging materials. However, the utilization of packaging materials has also increased year by year, in some developed countries have gradually replaced the paper box.
    Wood Packaging - Features are natural materials, a little processing can be used. Usually divided into two kinds of cork and hardwood, like paper and from the perspective of environmental protection, analysis of wood packaging materials are not suitable for mass production.
    Metallic materials - Canned food originating in France invented 1009 years ago 1809, 1841, the United Kingdom invented a tinplate. This created a modern history of metal packaging. Metal packaging due to complex processing, so the cost is relatively high. The usage rate is not very high.
    Glass Material - The characteristic glass texture is hard and brittle, transparent and easy to process! However, damaged applications are not easy!
    Third, packaging and decoration
    Standards for packaging and decoration can be divided into quality, sales and culture.
    Mass - Goods should have their own customers, and strive to expand consumer groups to make the product more marketable. Packaging designers and the masses to make their work, they should seriously for the sake of consumers, so that consumers better use of goods packaging, to better serve consumers. It is important to be able to find ways to attract the consumer group. Expanding consumer groups can only lead to better market efficiency.
    Sales - A consumer does not use the value of the product is not recognized by the market and consumers. Only consumers need the products to enter the market, we can say that the market competition. This is the consumer. However, manufacturers of goods is not necessarily consumer awareness and understanding. That is to say we want to promote and promote. Therefore, the packaging of goods must show sales, the performance of products and features of publicity, aroused consumer interest. Let consumers interested in the goods, to attract the attention of consumers, so that consumers desire to purchase goods, increase.
    Culture - Packaging Now not only to consider the material needs of consumers, but also consider the psychological needs of consumers. In the packaging design should embody culture, make the packaging emit a certain cultural atmosphere, with some social impact.