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Poly US gifted goods fell 90% valuation, the vertical e-commerce there is no future?

2017/08/24 11:24
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Beauty, bikini, cocktail, these elements to Shanghai Bund W Hotel full of stylish, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. This is the recent women's fashion and street culture publications "YOHO! Girl "live in the pool party live in W Hotel in Shanghai, Japan Supermodel Suwon Hiko, popular Chinese singer Zhang Bichen, Jike Junyi also have to the scene to promote.
"YOHO! Girl "is China's influential trend of cultural transmission platform YOHO! Its sub-media. Similar to the pool party this trend-oriented activities in YOHO! Not uncommon. This also lets YOHO! The parent company - Sony Media looks a bit different: 95% of its revenue from the current business of e-commerce services - YOHO! BUY (stock), and the remaining 5% of advertising revenue, according to the current stage of the revenue structure to determine , Sony Media is a vertical e-commerce company, but it has done a lot of attempts in the operation of influx of users.
According to data provided by Liang Chao to the all-weather technology by Sony Media, the founder and CEO of Sony Media, in the past two years, the company's water supply has doubled each year, flowing water reaching 2 billion in 2016, the scale of profits in billions, and the estimated flow of water in 2017 increasing by 60% 70%.
In the vertical e-commerce "casualties" serious today, compared to other vertical e-commerce, Sony Media seems to be living well. China's first beauty to the United States IPO E-Commerce gifted products now market value has fallen more than 90% more than the peak, its co-founder Dai Yussen recently also announced his resignation; the sale of the world's only product in the past 18 quarters Although the past 18 quarters Continuous profit, but due to the lack of new growth point led to the stock price is not optimistic about investors. Other unlisted vertical e-commerce, footwear B2C vertical e-commerce to buy music has been quiet for many years; imported baby brand sales platform honey bud baby fakes, management problems continue; shirt B2C started where the customer has been dying.
Vertical retail electricity supplier in the end there is no future? The answers we get from the industry are not all pessimistic.
YOHO! Sample: Ecology around the tide
"We do not think we are an e-commerce company, we are leading and serving the lifestyles of the younger generation of Chinese consumers," said Nicholas Liang, CEO of Sony Media, in an exclusive interview with all-weather technology. Although online retail revenue is in its entire revenue Accounting for 95%, but he felt that it is only a realization channel at this stage.
Liang Chao this statement is based on Sony Media vertical layout of the ecological.
In 2005, Liang, who is a director of Nanjing TV Station, founded a trend magazine "YOHO!" In his passion for domestic trend culture. In fact, he wanted to do more than just a magazine but service Those who love tide brand culture of young people. However, running magazines so that Sony Media gradually come into contact with a large number of upstream brand, in the downstream also trained a group of readers love tide brand culture.
A year later, Liang Chao did not increase its business magazine to increase revenue, but also launched an online community - YOOHO! NOW, because he found that "YOHO! Trend" of readers and customers are hoping to be There is a space for communication on the internet. In 2007, when "YOHO! Trendsetter" users said that many brands introduced on magazines and websites can not buy products, Liang Chao is thinking again: Why can not I launch an online quotient Platform, the original designer brands at home and abroad sold to users? So there is the trend of electricity on the line in 2008 - YOOHO! BUY (stock).
YOHO! Mainly for the 16-35-year-old crowd, around these trendy lovers, Liang Chao has today developed a focus on the transmission of the matrix, which consists of three businesses: one is the media, including "YOHO! , YOHO! NOW community, and YOHO! WeChat, Weibo and other new media; The second is YOHO! BUY (stock), in addition to online business, this year also opened the first offline shop, so there are stock Currently, it is a retail transaction platform combining online and offline. YO'HOOD is the third sub-business. Now it is the fifth consecutive global fashion show.
Liang Chao told the all-weather technology, the matrix logic platform combination is: with the media to disseminate content through the retail platform to achieve sales of goods, activities to spread culture and lay the industry status.
In September 2015, Sony Media also announced a cutting-edge designer incubation program called "YOHOPE", a designer incubation platform for lack of funds and lack of supply chain management, but hopes to achieve better development. . YOHOPE is currently the second largest core business unit of Sony Media. As of today, "YOHOPE" has hatched more than 40 designer brands, their contribution to the sales of YOHO! BUY (share) has reached 20%.
Liang Chao said that within the Sony media, there is a small team of 20-30 people, they are distributed in different lines of business, in various tidal circles continue to communicate and exchange, observe the changes in the trend, and the information with the band To the company, supporting companies to do business lines and the future development of decision-making. But Liang Chao thinks that he is not the most trendsetter in the company. The way he keeps his sense of fashion is to keep feeling. He goes to fashion heights in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea every quarter for about ten days and goes Feel the global trend of cultural change.
To this day, Liang Chao and his YOHO! Have toss in the vertical field of "trend" for 12 years. Some can quantify the results, including YOHO! BUY (stock) The current trend of cooperation of the brand reached 1400, of which 30% of internationally renowned brands, 20% of foreign tide brand, the rest is the domestic small and medium brands; the client, YOHO! BUY (Apparel) APP has a total registered membership of 15 million. In 2016, it added 1 million new subscribers. At present, the daily live is 1 million. The Weibo fans are 1.17 million. The WeChat fans are 1 million. The e-commerce subscription rate is 60%.
So far, Sony Media completed a total of four rounds of financing, D round of 100 million US dollars in financing completed in July 2015, led by Fortune VC, CMC Chinese Culture Fund, the telescope capital and the former shareholders of SAIF Fund and Cheung Fung Investment With the vote.
The reason why can come from a magazine today, Liang Chao believes that "these celebrity resources, the trend of designer resources, the influence of the trend of the world, I think today is able to get together because YOHO! For more than ten years has been focused on this area, And set up an influential platform. "