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"Cosmetics" box actually loaded "Botox"

2017/08/24 11:25
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A lot of beauty of the ladies know that "Botox" this thing, the biggest role is to remove wrinkles, but the regular price of a plastic surgery beauty salon is often ranging from 1000 to 2000 yuan, so some people move crooked brain, from South Korea Sea Amoy "Botox" injection come back to fight yourself! However, be careful, the Korean version of "Botox" is not up to standard.
This does not, a few days ago, Chongqing Exit Inspection and Quarantine post office in the open packet inspection, for the first time intercepted by the South Korea imported injection of "Botox" toxin, a total of 30. According to several major hospitals in our city cosmetic surgery department staff said that the country is using the regular "Botox" are from the United States or domestic Lanzhou, as South Korea "Botox", are generally only used in small clinics.
Marked "Cosmetics" is "Botox"
Recently, the country's postal ports have repeatedly found that South Korea mailed to enter the "Botox" and placenta and other items, the city inspection and Quarantine Bureau post office staff began to South Korea's parcels close to entry attention.
Last Sunday, the post office quarantine officers found a package sent from South Korea, from the label point of view, writing cosmetics, but taking into account the recent "limelight" quarantine officers decided to open the box view.
Open the package to see that there are three boxes, all above are in English, quarantine staff found that the "BOTULAX" words, the translation is "Botox."
It is reported that this is the first time the city intercepted "Botox", a total of 30.
Korean version of "Botox" can not just buy
After checking that the parcel belonged to a woman, she found herself somewhat depressed after she learned that the parcel was being checked. However, she was persuaded to buy it for personal use when asked why she had sent "Botox" to China.
"30 bottles," botulinum toxin "all for their own use? This is a bit far-fetched." Quarantine staff to determine, this should be a beauty salon or the same type of agency for commercial purposes.
According to the relevant inspection and quarantine laws and regulations, "Botox" toxin belongs to the special items of entry, without the permission of the health authorities, is not allowed to mail and porting.
"We asked her to issue an" Approval Form for Special Articles, "which if not, would be destroyed or returned," the quarantine officer said. But at present, the client has not provided a "special items approval list."
No full cold chain transport
"Botox" metamorphism can cause death
"Clostridium botulinum" is mailed from South Korea • Even though the product is a regular product in South Korea, there is no full cold-chain transportation. "Botox" has deteriorated. Not only may deterioration cause facial problems, even shock and death! Yesterday, Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital plastic surgery chief physician Fan Dongli told reporters.
It is understood that there are only two types of "Botox" currently used in the field of plastic surgery in our country. The first is from the product safety of a US company, the other is from the balance of the drugs of a company in Lanzhou. The other drugs There is no country to allow imports. "South Korea" Botox "in the international are non-compliance products, only the use of small clinics!" A professional cosmetic surgery hospital staff said South Korea "Botox" does not meet current international standards, Can not enter through formal channels, so there will be no relevant approval.
"Botox" itself is not expensive, but the injection method is very particular about the direct result of poor injection is facial paralysis. "A large hospital plastic surgery doctors told reporters that the recent day to the hospital to fight a variety of wrinkles and face-lift people remained at 40 to 50 people, but the injection of" Botox "you need an appointment," because the hospital only a few Experts are eligible for injection, playing "Botox" not everyone is qualified operation. "